Single swing damper -80 HD

Single swing damper -80 HD

Technical data

Part No 5006603
Brake against rotator Disc brake
Upper interface 80 mm
Lower interface 80 mm


Diameter, upper bushing (C)BronzeManganBronzeComposite
Ø45 mm2 x 10031932 x 5006672 -
Ø40 mm -2 x 50066851 x 5002401
Ø35 mm -2 x 50066871 x 5002402
Ø30 mm - -1 x 5002403
Ø25 mm - -1 x 5002404

The product is supplied with a pin and bushing in the lower position. The product is supplemented with a bushing in the upper position according to the table.

For further technical information relating to integration, please contact

Single swing damper -80 HDA80 mmBØ35 mmCSee tableG80 mmH240 mm
  Single swing damper -80 HD
  Single swing damper -80 HD

Specyfikacja techniczna

Part No:5006603
Brake against rotator:Disc brake
Upper interface:80 mm
Lower interface:80 mm


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